Xallas cascade

In Galicia call sultans waterfalls, wild waterfalls of a special magic, thundering and nebulae falls that echo in your soul making you feel within tí all the...

Nature lives in your terrace

Some of our apartments have a private, exclusive terrace for you and your family, with direct access from the living room. Of course, all thel apartment enjoy...

private terrace

How about a breakfast on the beach, filling the energy of the first rays of the sun, breathing the fresh sea air and your own terrace? For in apartments Ezaro...

A wilderness in Costa da Morte

A Costa da Morte in its maximum splendor. Not without reason this area received its name, shows the hardness of the sea and rocks, cliffs and shoals that make...

At the mouth of Xallas

In one of the most beautiful areas of the Rias Baixas (Rias) is the magnificent Xallas river mouth. And it does Ézaro is a quiet little fishing village,...

Sunset at the End of the World

Few have the privilege of being able to say they have walked to the end of the world and have returned to tell.There was once the ancient Roman armies...

Culture and Tradition

In the land where rain is an art and the water is magic, not only find beauty in the seas, but also in the mountains and forests of the earth. In Dumbría have...

Ezaro, meeting

When you are lucky enough to live in a privileged area, sometimes we realize the great fortune to live surrounded by the magic and beauty of Mother Earth. In...

  • Xallas cascade

    Monday, 06 Dec 2010
  • Nature lives in your terrace

    Sunday, 05 Dec 2010
  • private terrace

    Monday, 06 Dec 2010
  • A wilderness in Costa da Morte

    Monday, 13 Dec 2010
  • At the mouth of Xallas

    Tuesday, 14 Dec 2010
  • Sunset at the End of the World

    Wednesday, 08 Dec 2010
  • Culture and Tradition

    Friday, 10 Dec 2010
  • Ezaro, meeting

    Saturday, 11 Dec 2010

Apartments in the beach

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Waterfall of the Xallas

Fervenza o cascada del XallasThe impressive waterfall is to some 500 metres of the apatamentos. You want to see it?

Apartments with Seen to the Sea and Terrace in Ezaro (Galici

Ezaro Is a lovely coastal village to few kilometres of Finisterre (the End of the Earth of the Romans) and to some minutes by road from  Santiago de Compostela (and of his international airport, with thousands of daily combinations to all Spain). It is one of the most beautiful villages in the north of the Rias Baixas, and finds  enclavado in the mouth of the rio Xallas, of international fame for being the only river of Europe that arrives to the sea precipitating in a spectacular waterfall (fervenza, in Galician).


Galicia en Imágenes

From here you are to a shot of stone of the best of Galicia (the Cathedral of Santiago, the Faro of Finisterre, the beach and the hórreo de Carnota, the Dolmen de Dombate and the Castro de Cidá, the Olimpo gallego del Monte Pindo, the own waterfall of the Xallas...) , and also of the most important cities, like Coruña and his façades in gallery or the Torre de Hércules, now Heritage of the Humanity, Santiago de Compostela and his Cathedral, Vigo and his very famous market of To Pedra (el templo de las ostras) or the estuary of  Corme and Punta Roncudo, the cradle of the best percebes of the world.

Believe me, could follow speaking you all the life of the a lot of that have here to see, for saborear, to walk, to enjoy... But the best is that you come and check it by tí same.

It is Galicia. It is Ézaro. You save me the secret? ;)